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Finding true love and happiness can be a difficult experience for most people. The advent of social media and Smartphone technology has distanced people from each other. This makes it difficult to find meaningful relationships because everyone is cocooned in his or her own technological bubble. The technology could help find a suitable partner when using the right dating sites. AsianMelodies is a website dedicated to providing a space for people to find love and happiness online. The site connects people through an intuitive and organized interface to make the dating and connection process easier. Some of the major advantages of the site include its credits system and its ease of use. Also, the site promotes wholesome interaction that does not include nudity or obscenity. Therefore, the site is a great website for adult interaction that would lead to long-term relationships.

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Pros and Cons


  • It does not contain nudity;
  • Contains a wide selection of profiles to select from;
  • Uses a credit system rather than subscription;
  • It has an easy-to-use interface;
  • Gives free credits on registration;
  • Its matching algorithms appear to authentically match suited couples.


  • Does not have non-Asian profiles;
  • It sends too many e-mails about suggestions;
  • It does not have offers on pricing or subscription. at a Glance

  • Best for: Asians looking for long-term relationships.
  • Number of members: Over 10,000 members .
  • Recommended Age: 18 and above.
  • Favorite Features: The intuitive user interface and matching algorithms.

asianmelodies siteAbout AsianMelodies

What is The AsianMelodies dating site helps people find happiness and true love by building connections online. The prices are low for a dating site that offers quality interactions. However, spending a small fortune could be necessary to find lasting and true love. The money spent on the site to get the optimum dating experience is a small trade for something as meaningful and fulfilling as love. Site visitors will have a great experience with the site. The site provides multiple options for engaging with other people on the site. It has a versatile interaction format that does not restrict someone’s ability to interact online.

How Does Work?

AsianMelodies is simple to use. The potential user logs in through the home page where he or she provides the email address and preferred password for the site. The site sends a confirmation email to the visitor for confirmation. Afterward, the user can begin interacting with potential suitors.  Is AsianMelodies good? Yes, because of the ease-of-use and the features that allow for near-perfect matching of suited couples. The registration process is simple and easy to follow with a short questionnaire to help with profile creation.

The ease-of-use is the winning aspect of the site. The site is neatly organized into categories to make it easier for someone to browse through the various website features. The top of the page contains a menu that helped me to navigate my profile. The menu consists of a search input box that allows visitors to look through the website for content. The menu consists of:

  • Faces;
  • Messages;
  • Mail;
  • Credits.


The registration process is relatively easy with few and straightforward steps. The questionnaire about the perfect date is sufficient to provide enough information to link to a profile someone can enjoy and connect with during his or her interactions on the site. There is a skip option for the questions in the questionnaire, thereby allowing for flexibility in creating a profile. On the other hand, most of the questions are relevant and non-invasive.

There are many options for true and honest relationships, which was another advantage of the site’s versatility and uniqueness. The site has different city options for different countries, which is an unprecedented feature of Most sites only have the option of country and perhaps a major city as an additional option. appears to have taken a significant effort in developing the individual profile possibilities of its members to provide sufficient information to potential suitors. Therefore, the profiles are highly informative of the potential partner. The depth of the information acquired from a member increases the possibility of mutually satisfying relationships.

Easy to Use

The interface makes it easy to find all the features someone is looking for without effort. Rather than focus on finding the various options, the user can focus on browsing through the various profiles he or she is interested in viewing. The interface for the individual profile is a winner because of its simplicity and utility. It is neatly arranged into logical categories that assist in finding the relevant information that you are seeking. Spending less time looking through the profiles can provide the user with a unique opportunity to go through the different profiles that he or she finds appealing. Compared to other reviews, the current review offers an extensive analysis of the interface that should help potential users get started easily.

The site’s designers carefully considered the layout of the site to improve the site visitor’s experience. The site separates the individual profile interface’s categories by spaces between them. Also, the site color codes each of the sections to ensure that the viewer has visual cues on what part of the profile he or she is looking at. The color-coding feature is particularly useful in effortlessly learning about a potential partner. The individual profile layout can assist the user to go through multiple profiles within a short time, thereby filtering potential partners. The following are the logical categories that comprise the individual profile interface:

  • A profile photo on the left and a gallery of photos placed beneath;
  • A general information section at the middle with chat and email options;
  • There is a detailed profile at the bottom of the profile page color-coded in grey and black that provides an extensive description of the potential partner;
  • There was a quick access section on the right of the so that the user can navigate to the various features of the account.

The AsianMelodies log in is relatively easy using email and password. Upon completing registration, the user immediately gets interested in partners in their inboxes. The new user gets a welcome package of 20 free credits to send stickers, chat by instant messages, and send and receive correspondence. The free credits allow an individual to test and experience the site before deciding to purchase new credits.


Search and Profile Quality has thousands of male and female profiles to choose from and provides suggestions. Based on the profile created, Asian melodies will provide suitable suggestions that take the hustle out of the profile selection process. In addition, the site provides recommendations regularly to ensure that you do not miss a potential suitor while going through the profiles. The women on the site are beautiful and elegant. There is no overt show of nudity. The women’s galleries contain photos that are professionally taken, or at least they appear so. They are appealing and vary in their location and style. The site is decent and welcoming for true and loving relationships. Therefore, people of all sociocultural orientations can engage in mutually respectful conversations, potentially leading to long-term relationships.

The search bar provides instant access to menu items and profiles to make navigation of the site easier. The AsianMelodies website is relatively fast, meaning the user can get back search results very quickly. Because of the information gathered during the registration process, the results returned are highly relevant to the query posed.

Help & Support

The AsianMelodies website provides 24/7 support to its members. The support team is professional and is always willing to assist the members with any issues or questions they might have about the site. The support team thoroughly checks and verifies the accounts to ensure they are valid. Therefore, the team helps to ensure that interactions are cordial and lead to long-term meaningful relationships.

Prices & Plans

The review of AsianMelodies found that it runs on credits, which are required for instant messaging, live chats and other features included in the site. There is no initial payment for registration and you get 20 free credits for use to get an experience of the site before buying other credits. The site prices the credits relatively fairly. The major advantage of using credits is that the user can decide whether he or she wants to continue purchasing the credits or not. Compared to subscriptions, which the user cannot back out of, users can discontinue credits when they want. The following are the prices for the credits:

  • 20 Credits – $9.99;
  • 160 Credits – $96.99;
  • 500 Credits – $249.00;
  • 1000 Credits – $399.00.


AsianMelodies is a great Asian website that is easy to use. It uses the credits system, which means that only interested and serious people log into the site. Therefore, the conversations on the site are highly likely to be genuine and lead to long-term relationships. The site is recommended for developing long and healthy relationships.


Is there a subscription fee?

There is no subscription fee but the user purchases credits to enjoy services.

Can I join if I am not from Asia?

Yes, anyone can join.

How long does the registration process take?

A few minutes.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

There is a subscription fee but you can buy the credits you want, which is non-refundable.

How do I recover my password?

Go to the forgot password section on the home page and one will be sent to email.

I have not received a confirmation message, what happened?

Check your spam folder.

I am unable to send chat messages, how do I fix it?

Check if you have credits.

How do I buy credits?

Use your credit card information.

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